Audio Software

Instrument Plug-Ins

KickMaker - A synthesizer specifically to create kick drum sounds

Effect Plug-Ins

BeatCounter - Detect tempo in BPM for a track

ExtraNotes - Save text notes in your arrangement

HiLoFilter - Dual Hi/Lo pass filter, similar to those found in Pioneer DJM mixers

NotNotchFilter - Mid-range filter ideal for live mixing

ChaosChimp - Prepare for onstage disasters in the safety of your own studio


MrsWatson - A command-line VST plugin host

PluginParameters - Basic parameter engine suitable for VST and AU audio plugins * PluginParameters project page

TeragonGuiComponents - GUI widgets and graphics used to generate plugins * TeragonGuiComponents project page

Android Screenshot - Utility for Mac OSX to take a screenshot from an Android device.

gogo-no-coda Mirror - Mirror of the insanely fast gogo mp3 encoder